28 little known facts about Bigbang’s Taeyang


Today May 18th marks the birthday of one of the most talented musician in the kpop and korean music industry.

Taeyang has made a name for himself not only in Korea, but also all around the world, as he continues to dominate even until today, having had his songs peak a number 1 in billboard 100 music chart upon its release.

Taeyang aside from being hot AF is also pretty shy and generous, celebrating his birthday we have compiled a list of 28 little known facts about Bigbang’s Taeyang.

Here is the video, don’t forget to check it out, and tell us what you guys think 🙂


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  1. Fact # 29 – He’s obsess with African American people, you can see it in the music he makes,dances etc tha he wants to be like the korean R. Kelly,appropiating another’s people culture…He even said in an interview recently that“I’m not black, so I’ll probably have to have more experience and go through more pain if I want to express the sentiments, emotions, and soul that black people have through my music. That’s why I believe that pain and suffering will make my music richer.” he wants to ” gain recognition in his music in US,the land of black music”…Talk about fetishism about another’s people culture!! And he’s going to be the one benefiting from it, great !!!

    He and Gdragon lost me as a fan (and Im not a kid ,in fact Im a amom to a 16 year old daughter) so you can guess more or less how old Iam) because of the intentional ignorance they display on cultural appopiation and the overwhelming desire to emulate and not illuminates.


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