Hwang Jung Eum is back and this time (yes embrace yourselves) with another rom-com. after the huge success of *she was pretty* and previously *kill me, heal me* Hwang jung eum is back into action not long after she got married (she stated that she loved her job so much).

This is her comeback after officially being married to a CEO of a company (yes a chaebol) believe it or not and she is back with two very talented actors, Ryoo Joon-Yeol who has gained enormous fame nationally and internationally in Reply 1988, and Lee Soo hyuk, who this time is playing the good guy for a change, having played the bad guy in his last dram with Lee Joon Ki in Scholar who walks the night.

Am I excited? yes I am, and I like Hwang Jung Eum, but believe it or not i have not watched reply 1988 but its on my watch list 😉

So this drama is being released in MBC and is scheduled to be released two days from now, on the 25th of May, I can’t wait to see it and therefore have prepared a little thing to keep you excited for the drama, and its 12 facts you didn’t know about Lucky romance, lucky romance being the comeback Drama name.

From facts about Hwang jung eum herself to Lee Soo Hyuk facts, and even to the recent mega star Ryoo Joon-Yeol facts to the drama itself its all in this video, down here 😉

Did you like this video? which fact has shocked you the most among them, to me its gotta be the first one because i could have never guessed it 😉