10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Mirror Of The Witch


Guess what Yoon Shi Yoon oppa is back again with a new drama, this time featuring Kim Sae Ra, the young actress whom you’ve seen so many times as a child actress on your beloved kdrama.

When I saw the lineup I ain’t gonna lie, I was not a fan of it, since the two leads have more than 24 years in age GAP OMGG~~~ yup they do,!! XD this is why I am a bit skeptical.

Nevertheless I have complied some great facts about the cast, the drama, so while you wait for next week’s episode of Mirror of the witch check out these 10 facts you didn’t know about mirror of the witch.

One head up, regarding fact number 3, the actor is said to fully recover from his illness so don’t worry about it guys 😉 (forgot to write that in the video)



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