The Best Sites To Watch Korean, Chinese and Japanese Dramas And Variety Shows



Today I will be telling you what sites you should be using when you want to watch a kdrama or a Korean variety show.

What are the best sites to watch Korean and Chinese and Japanese dramas ?? A Question often asked by newbies to kdramas. I watch kdramas on many sites depending on my mood, they’re great and don’t requires usernames and passwords and, even paying.

The problem is many of who ask these things cannot access most sites, it burdensome really (not available in their country), back when I was in Germany I struggled until I found a decent site to watch kdramas that wasn’t blocked in Germany.


I do recommend you one thing, get an add block for your computer, because most of those sites will bombard you with ads that’ll take you to strange unnecessary 18+ shenanigans. There aren’t sites that offer translation in many languages, as you may have already noticed most sites offer English translations only. If you’re looking for sites that offer kdramas in your own language, its better if you ask kdrama fans of your nationality on Instagram or Twitter or even Facebook, you’ll have better luck.

So here are the list of popualr sites you can use to watch Asian dramas and variety shows for free.

1- Dramacool 

I like this site, its probably the fastest with translations on this list, I would have provided you the link but they’re always moving it around from one domain name to the other, but it does have the layout you see below.


Its free, it runs ads reasonably and it is not annoying by design, fast and easy on the eyes, its ads are not as annoying as other sites, you won’t suffer if you use ad block. It offers episodes right after their release immediately, meaning if you can speak Korean or just wanna look at your oppa’s face with no subtitles you can do that.

It offers Korean, Japaneses, Chinese, and Taiwanese and Indian dramas or movies, as well as Korean variety shows and movies of many Asian countries.


This is another site you can use to watch kdramas but its ads are really really annoying and in your face. Its format is nice and it has a Manga and Anime edition updated regularly and has I think subtitles as well.


It even recently launched an app which you can use to watch on your mobile (For Android).

Its also free, no user required and no paying required, BUT with variety show, unless its popular not even the raw version (no subtitles) will be released there, meaning if you wanna watch your oppa on a variety show which is not as popular as Running man, this site doesn’t offer this option. It also takes more time to upload subtitled variety shows.

Its format is slightly annoying, each episode (1 hr long) is split into four videos, so if you’re immersed in a kdrama and your 15 minutes are up you have to click on the next part and that can literally take you out of the mood. This is why I prefer using other sites, if you don’t mind parts, its a cool site.


Ohh my VIKI, Viki is a good site, it has a very cool easy-on-the-eyes design, but it you requires a username and password, you can also register with your Facebook account. It is still free but you have make sure it does not post on your behalf (you can disable that).

Viki offers not only English subtitles but also Arabic, Chinese, Japaneses, Taiwanese, Philippines, Korean, French, German and many other languages which I might forgot to mention or don’t know about, because it has a large base of volunteers who work really hard on subtitling dramas and variety shows.


One of its appealing features is that you can actually watch the drama as they add subtitles little by little.


No onto the bad news, not every drama is available for all countries due to licensing issues. The other sites you see above enables you to watch all the kdramas you want no matter where you’re at. This site also offers you the chance to watch with no ads but you have to pay for it, for people who can’t afford it or for those looking for obviously available options I’d recommend you look for another site.

Despite its appeal and great design and various subtitle languages, the fact that you have to pay extra for no ads and the fact that you can’t watch some kdramas even if you have a subscription; is annoying. I can’t understand the reason anyone would want to pay for this site unless their favorite kdrama can be watched with their native language that is not easy to come by on other sites.


Another popular site you can use to watch kdramas. This site mostly offer kdramas for people living in the USA, it has many features, it also covers news of kdrama actors and actresses. If you don’t live in the US you will receive the message you see below.

This will probably frustrate you, so this site isn’t really for everyone. Its very popular and sometimes the site itself scores interviews with popular kdrama actors, you can follow their social media accounts for more on that. Besides this, the site really doesn’t offer much to non-US based fans. They do post clips of kdramas to their Facebook page almost daily.

There are many other sites like DRAMALOAD, DRAMAGO, DRAMAGALAXY, and Myasiantv. A small search through google will lead you to the most popular ones out there. For variety shows there is but it forces you to disable the ad block or it won’t show you anything which is annoying because their ads can be so frustrating, thus I use Dramacool site for variety shows, I don’t watch variety shows much so I really don’t search or have more info on that.

There is also some good news, KBS, SBS and MBC the three main public Korean channels each have a YouTube official channel, as far as I know, KBS is the only channel that posts full episodes of their older dramas to their YouTube channel. MBC, SBS and many others will post snippets of kdramas as they air. tvN, OCN and JTBC are all also pretty active on YouTube as well and post clips of dramas highlights to their channels.

KBS is the only Korean broadcasting channel that tries the hardest to create English subtitles for international fans, subtitling is very exhausting, its also a long process, so I am always thankful for the effort they put in their channel. They also post clips with English titles as well as clips of variety shows, MBC, SBS and many others also post clips of their variety shows, but not always available with subtitles.




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